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Trailex Box Style Storage Racks
Stationary and Roll a Round Storage Racks for 
 Sailboats, Row Boats,  Canoes & Kayaks
Models for Optimist, Sabot, Open BIC  Sailboats

Trailex Ultra-Light Aluminum Racks and Trailer Kits come with a One Year Limited Warranty.  Almost 50% lighter than steel racks and they Never Rust


*within the 48 USA


Racks can be configured from Two to Two hundred or more

All Aluminum, All Bolted Construction, All Adjustable


*within the 48 USA


Trailex Sailboat Racks - Menu
Sailboat Storage Racks

Trailex Box Style Rack with Canoes and Kayaks
Canoe & Kayak Rack


Box Rack for 3 Boats up to 72" Wide  is 1069.00 + FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Box Rack for 4 Boats up to 72" Wide  is 1239.00  + FREE Shipping (48 USA)

Box  Rack for 3 Optimist Sailboats   is 1069.00 + FREE Shipping (48 USA)

Scroll Down the Page  for Details ,  Option's Pricing  

These  Style Racks are fully Adjustable to Customize Bay Spacing
 Easy to Assemble -- they are shipped via Fedex in a dismantled state.



Trailex Rack SUT-3BR Three Boat Storage Rack
 SUT-3BR Three  (3) Boat Rack --Trailex Racks can be adjusted to fit any boat up to 72" Wide.  Available in 3 boat and 4 Boat models --They can be adjusted for use as 2 boat models.  These racks will adjust to handle either 2 or 3-High Pedal and Paddle Boats.



 Vertical Spacing is 24" (adjustable)

 Height  = 66" ,     74" with Casters Width =  74.5"
Inside =   72"
Depth  = 75.5"

Weight Capacity is 200 lbs per bay   600 lbs Total

CLICK HERE to view dimensional drawings



 SUT-4BR Four (4) Boat Rack  -  Trailex Racks can be adjusted to fit any boat up to 72" Wide.   These can be Ganged together to form multiple  racks with the SUT-4BRE Extension Rack.  Shown is an 8 Bay Rack - 4 High by 2 Wide.  




 Vertical Spacing is 22" (adjustable)

 Height  = 84" ,     92" with Casters Width =  74.5"
Inside =   72"
Depth  = 75.5"

eight Capacity is 200 lbs per bay   600 lbs Total

CLICK HERE to view dimensional drawings



Trailex Rack Box Style Rack  SUT-3BR With Bunks
Trailex SUT-3BR Box Style Rack Shown with Optional Slide Bunks in the  Center Bay.  Options can be  Mixed and Matched for Different Boat Styles - Sailboats, Rowboats, Pedal Boats, Canoes and Kayaks can all be accommodated with one storage rack  style


Trailex Racks with Optimist- Sailboats        Most Users store their Boats Upside Down on the Racks.  Boats can be stored Right Side up if desired.    Crossbars are supplied unpadded.  If you wish, Vinyl Padded Inserts are available.  Optional Slide Bunks are also available.  If you plan to Install your own Slide Boards, then it is best to cover them with outdoor carpet.




Optional Vinyl Padded Inserts are available for Box Style Boat storage Rack Cross Bars.  Standard Boat Racks are supplied without Padding.         Trailex Box Rack  Vinyl Insert Detail




Trailex Racks can be Daisy Chained together to form larger racks         Racks can be "Daisy Chained Together" to Form Larger Rack Systems.  Optional Extension Modules are Available at Cost Effective Pricing.




Trailex Optional Slide Bunks

Use Slide Bunks for:
A.  Heavier Boats or Paddle Boats for Easier Loading
B.  For Assisting Youths to self store their Own Boats

Sailboat Storage Racks are best equipped with slide bunks for  Optimist (Opti),  Sabot, El Toro and other small sailboats. 

To Save on cost, you can purchase wood locally and cover with outdoor carpet yourself.




Trailex Box Style Rack  SUT-3BRE Extension Module
Trailex SUT-3BRE Extension Module.  This Option allows you to "Daisy Chain" Multiple Rack sections together to form Larger Rack Systems.  Also Available in a Four (4) Boat Model.




Trailex Sailboat Storage Rack with Extension
Trailex Box Style Boat Storage Rack with Extension Module - Ready to Be Installed



Trailex 15 Boat Rack
Trailex 15 Boat Rack (SUT-3BR with Four SUT-3BRE Extensions)  Customer installed his own Slide Bunks with locally obtained 2 x 4's.   Racks are bolted down to customer installed concrete pads using the AB-4 Anchor Bracket System



*within the 48 USA



Box Style Boat 
Storage Racks


 48 USA




Box Rack for 3 Boats up to 72" Wide 1069.00 +   FREE  S&H


Box Rack for 3 Optimist Sailboats 1069.00 +   FREE  S&H
SUT-4BR Box  Rack for 4 Boats up to 72" Wide 1239.00 +    FREE  S&H


Caster Kit for Box Style Racks   345.00 +    FREE  S&H
VPI-3BR Vinyl Padded Insert Sets For SUT-3BR Rack (pads all crossbars on this rack)#   106.00 set +    S&H*
VPI-4BR Vinyl Padded Insert Sets For SUT-4BR Rack (pads all crossbars on this rack) #   140.00 set +     S&H*
SB-2 Set of Two (2) each Carpet Covered Wooden Slide Bunks With Hardware.
( Order 1 each
SB-2 for each Boat Bay)##
  189.00 set +     S&H*
SB-KIT Set of Hardware Only for Two (2)  Customer Supplied  Wooden 2 X  4 X 8'  Bunks - Order One SB-KIT for each  Bay Level   29.00  set +     S&H*
SUT-3BRE Extension Module for SUT-3BR note 1   854.00 +    FREE  S&H
SUT-3BRE-OPTI Extension Module for SUT-3BR -OPTI note 1   854.00 +    FREE  S&H
SUT-4BRE Extension Module for SUT-4BR note 1  1008.00 +    FREE  S&H
AB-4 Anchor Brackets (Set of 4) note 2     29.95 +     S&H*
FWSC Set of Four Sliding Eyebolts     29.00 +     S&H*

*Accessories Qualify for Free Shipping with Purchase of Storage Rack

# VPI Inserts are Approximately 72" wide, giving a full width Vinyl  Padding across the Crossbars.  They Slide into the Top Groove of the Crossbar.

VPI-3BR includes 6 each Vinyl Padded Inserts for Crossbars

VPI-4BR includes 8 each Vinyl Padded Inserts for Crossbars


##  SB-2 consists of 2 each  approximately 84" Long Carpet Covered 2" x 4" Slide Bunks with Hardware to attach to crossbars.  This is enough for One Boat Bay Only.  These install without any drilling and can easily slide to any point on the Crossbar to adjust for Boat Width. 

To completely equip a Box Style Rack with Slide Bunks - Order as Follows:

For the SUT-3BR - Order 3 each SB-2 sets

For the SUT-4BR - Order 4 each SB-2 sets

You can save on cost and do it yourself by purchasing treated 2" x 4" Boards at your local lumber yard.  Ordering an SB-KI  set gives you the hardware to bolt down two slide bunks ( use locally obtained lag screw or bolt for the wood attachment to the RB-KIT.)

Note: Installing Slide Bunks Reduces Vertical Spacing Height by 2"

NOTE 1 - Extension Modules require at least one complete rack such as the SUT-3BR or the SUT-4BR.  Modules can then be "Daisy Chained" to form horizontal rack systems to any length.   For example to configure an 18 boat rack that is 3 boats high: Order 1 each SUT-3BR Rack and 5 each SUT-3BRE Extension Modules - this will give you a complete rack that is 3 Boats High and 6 Boats Wide.


NOTE 2 - Anchor Bracket Set provides 4 L-Brackets that attach to rack legs.  Allows installer to bolt down the rack to floors, docks, or concrete pads.




The SUT-3BR   Three (3)  Boat Rack  will  typically adjust to fit boats up to 72" wide and 24" Hull Depth

The SUT-4BR   Four  (4)  Boat Rack will typically adjust to fit boats up to 72" wide and 22" Hull Depth

If your Boat's Hull Depth is greater than the Standard dimensions, You Could order the Larger Rack and leave out one set of crossbars

If You are Mixing Different Boats, You can adjust the Crossbars to different Heights for each Boat.

Smaller Boats, such as Sunfish, Laser, Force 5, Snark, Optimist, Sabot, El Toro and others will fit the Standard Adjustments.

Larger Boats Such as the Laser 2, Vanguard 15 or 420  Should use the Next Larger Size Rack.  i.e.  For 3 each  Vanguard 15 - order the SUT-4BR and leave out one of the Crossbar Sets



Optimist  Sailboat  Racks

Trailex Sailboat Storage Racks with Opti - Optimists on rack
Trailex Boat Rack with Opti Sailboats.  This is part of a 30 Boat Rack System.  Since the Racks were installed under a roof, they chose to store the Optimist Sailboats Right Side up, instead of upside down ( which is preferable when outdoors)  Slide bunks were used to make loading easy.
Racks are adjustable. This allows you to raise the lower Crossbar so an OPTI may be stored under the rack on its Dolly - as long as the dolly is less than the 58" inside Dimension . 
 Measure your dolly - if it is wider - use the SUT-3BR Standard model (which is 72" inside dimension)   
Note this does not add an extra level.  For example the SUT-3BR-OPTI Rack will still store only Three Boats Total




 Vertical Spacing is 24" (adjustable)

 Height  = 66" ,     74" with Casters Width =  60.5"
Inside =   58"
Depth  = 75.5"

Weight Capacity is 200 lbs per bay   600 lbs Total

CLICK HERE to view dimensional drawings





Trailex Box Rack with Canoes and Kayaks-

Trailex SUT-3BR Box Style Rack with Kayaks and Canoe



Mix  and  Match  Different  Boats

  • Sailboats

  • Fishing Boats

  • Canoes

  • Kayaks

Racks Adjust for Each Boat Type


Trailex Box Style Rack with Extension Rack with Canoes and Kayaks
Trailex SUT-3BR Box Style Rack and SUT-3BRE Extension  with Kayaks and Canoe




Kayak   Rack Storage for Indoors or Outdoors

Trailex Box Racks   Kayak Storage
Trailex Box Racks   Kayak Storage      Trailex Box Racks   Kayak Storage

Caster Option  is available for ease of   Movement to Storage areas




Locking Swivel Casters Have 5" Poly Wheels
Casters install easily without any drilling-
Trailex Sailboat Rack Caster Detail



Trailex Sailboat storage Rack L Bracket
AB-4  is a Set of Four Anchor Brackets that are Aluminum and come with T Bolts and Nuts for easy installation without drilling.  This allows you to bolt the Rack Down to any surface - Such as a Dock, Floor or Concrete Pad with your choice of  locally obtained anchor bolts  for your particular surface.   See the Storage Rack Anchor Page


  AB-4 Anchor   Set of Four  L Brackets and Bolts  are Aluminum    



Trailew Web strap Clip Option
FWSC Option

Trailew Web strap Clip Option Set of Four Clips

Optional Tie Down points for Web Straps or Bungee Cords - Use to  add extra tie down points  to secure boat. Easily adjusts to any position by sliding.


FWSC Option includes Four Sliding Square Eyebolts.  These can be installed on any side of a  member on the unit  that has a slot and then locked in place by tightening the nuts.  



Paddle Racks



Trailex SUT-3BR Three Boat Box-Style Rack
Sailboat, Row Boat,
 Pedal Boat, Paddle Boat
Rack dimensions

Security and Tie Down Suggestions

How To Anchor and Bolt  Down  Storage Racks



Assembly Instructions



Loading Notes:   Adults can easily leverage boats onto racks.  For younger users, wooden slide bunks can be installed to allow boats to slide full length onto racks.    Optional carpeted wooden slide bunks are available,  or customer may find it  more economical to obtain them from a  local lumber yard.  Bunks can be covered with outdoor  carpet. Secure bunks by drilling holes to allow screw down points. 



Trailex T-bolt

Trailex T-Bolt with nut

  • Patented T-Bolt Construction

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Heads of bolts slide to any position.

  • Requires only one wrench to tighten

  • Lock nuts on all bolts 

  • Strong & lightweight

Trailex Extrusion & T-Bolt



Trailex Rack Kit - Menu
 Racks to Convert 
Trailer to a Canoe or Kayak Trailer 

Trailer Racks to Convert your Existing Trailer to a Sailboat Trailer

More  Canoe  & Kayak Storage Racks


Sailboat Storage Racks - Menu
Storage Racks For Sailboats




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