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Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL

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CastleCraft Sailboat Storage Racks
CastleCraft Seitech & Dynamic Stationary and Roll a Round Storage Racks
 for  Sailboats, SUP Stand Up Paddle Boards, Row Boats, Pedal and Paddle Boats



 Boat Storage Rack for 2 Boats is 775.00  + FREE Shipping  (48 USA)

Scroll Down the Page  for Other Sizes , and Pricing  



 Racks can be configured from One to Hundreds          
Yacht Club Rack Storage       Three Sailboat Rack
Racks can be placed side by side for multiple installations . Storage Racks are made of aluminum, engineered composite joints and stainless steel fasteners.  They are available as stationary or with rolling casters.  Ideal for storage or display units.  Racks ship UPS.



    Yacht Club Racks on Ground
Multiple Sailboat Storage Racks Shown on Dock. Note:  Customer installed Large PVC pipes in lower rack  space for spar storage. Optimist  (Opti ) configuration shown      Racks can be installed on Grass or Ground or Gravel    Note:  Bottom clearance can be used for spa storage.  Sunfish, Laser  Sailboats shown



Customized Racks are Available

Dynamic Box Racks with Bunks for Laser Sailboats and Dollies

   Storage Rack with Slide Bunks and Laser Sailboats 
Ample storage space underneath accommodates boats loaded on dollies


Nine Boat Rack shown with optional slide bunks and customer supplied spar Storage tubes


Twelve  Boat Rack, shown with optional slide bunks and  storage space for four launching dollies - 
Boats  stored on dollies for a total of 16 boats



3 Boat box Rack Dynamic, Seietech      
Extension Racks are available to "Daisy Chain" Racks together.  This lowers the cost per rack significantly, and allows you to Build Rack Systems from Two Wide to Literally Hundreds Wide.  Start Small and add Racks as you Grow.  Contact us for Pricing


See Typical Rack Features in this Video



Opti Sailboat Rack  Multiple Optimist storage rack
Rack With Optional Slide Bunks and Optional Brackets Installed Use Slide Bunks for:
A.  Heavier Boats or Paddle Boats for Easier Loading
B.  For Assisting Youths to self store their Own Boats
 Sailboat Storage Racks are best equipped with slide bunks for  Optimist (Opti),  Sabot, El Toro, Open BIC  and other small sailboats.  




Typical Optimist Sailboat Racks

3  Opti  Boat Rack shown with Bunk Brackets included  and optional  customer supplied slide bunks   6  Optimist Boat Rack shown with  included  Bunk Brackets and optional  customer supplied slide bunks


* Users  can also install 2x4's flat side down across the bars  
and just bolt them to the rails instead of using the T-Brackets


Bunk Bracket for slide on bunks

Post Base for Bolt Down are Standard Post Bases are deleted when Caster Option is added Optional  T-Bracket for installing customer supplied slide bunks
Post  Bases are standard on all box style racks.  They allow easy bolt down on wood docks, concrete pads and similar material.  When you order casters, the post bases are deleted from the rack.

Optional  Casters are industrial grade and are designed for heavy duty usage.  Allows easy movement of racks, even when loaded.  Works well for Retail Store Displays, Docks  or Home Garages.


Adding Four of the Optional T-Brackets per boat space allows you to install wooden slide bunks without any drilling.   Brackets clip onto rails and slot fits a 2 X 4 or 2 X 2 on edge.  Aluminum slide rails are also available*



Optional Rack pads are 24" long - Sets come in Pairs Order 2 Sets Per Boat (Front & Rear) -

Use to protect hulls, alternatively use carpet or other materials  to cover rack rails


Loading Notes:   Adults can easily leverage boats onto racks.  For younger users, wooden bunks can be installed to allow boats to slide full length onto racks.  Optional drop in brackets for wood bunks are available,  or customer may secure bunks by drilling holes to allow screw down points.  Wood bunks are not supplied, as it is more economical to obtain them from local lumber yards.  Bunks can be covered with carpet.    Aluminum slide rails can be ordered from the factory at additional cost.



Racks are weather resistant and can be used indoors or outdoors



Sailboat Storage Racks
Also For Row Boats,  Pedal & Paddle Boats  
All Sailboat Racks have unpadded rails
optional rail pads are available


CC-B2A   Box - 2 - A* size Sailboats - Stationary  Equivalent to: 72000 & 20016

$   775.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)

CC-B3A   Box - 3 - A* size Sailboats - Stationary
Equivalent to: 72001 & 20018

$ 1245.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-B4A  Box - 4 - A* size Sailboats - Stationary
Equivalent to: 72002 & 20020
$ 1445.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-B2B   Box - 2 - B* size Sailboats - Stationary
Equivalent to: 72003 & 20016
$   775.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-B3B   Box - 3 - B* size Sailboats - Stationary
Equivalent to: 72004 & 20018
$ 1245.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-B4B   Box - 4 - B* size Sailboats - Stationary
Equivalent to: 72005 &  20020
$ 1445.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-B6O    BOX Rack For 6 Optimist Sailboats - Stationary  Equivalent to: 72006   29002-R-Opti
 3  Opti  Boats High x 2 Opti Boats Wide
$ 2975.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
CC-B9O    BOX Rack For 9 Optimist  Sailboats - Stationary   Equivalent to: 72006   29002-R -Opti
 3  Opti  Boats High x 3 Opti Boats Wide
$ 4475.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Note for  CC-B6O & CC-B9O   BOX Rack For  Optimist Sailboats - these racks are  designed for use with Slide Bunks.  Brackets are included on these models only - Customer supplies slide bunks.  Users may also  install their own slide bunks using locally obtained wood and hardware. CALL  
Multiple  Rack Systems - Call    
Large Custom Rack Systems - Call    
CC-RP2    Optional Rack Pads - Set of Two - 24"
Equivalent to:  78500  & 80030  Red Color Only
49.95 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Only when ordered with rack


CC-BCAST   Caster Conversion Kit - BOX Racks 
Equivalent to: 74004  & 29996
$  200.00 FREE Shipping (48 USA)
Only when ordered with rack

Weight Capacity for Box Racks is 300 Lbs per level - Example - 3 High Rack Total Capacity is 900 Lbs

# Caster Conversion Kit for  BOX Racks may require some drilling by Customer to Install


*FREE Shipping on Caster Conversion Kits, Only When Ordered At Same Time With Storage Racks


* A size sailboats include - Laser, Sunfish, Opti or  up to 58" beam

* B size sailboats include - Laser 2, Vanguard 15, 420, up to 68" beam

These Racks can be Easily  Modified to Accommodate SUP Stand Up Paddleboards, Pedal Boats, Paddle Boats, and Row Boats



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 Racks to Convert 
Trailer to a Canoe or Kayak Trailer 

Trailer Racks to Convert your Existing Trailer to a Sailboat Trailer

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 Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL