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Sportspal Canoes
FAQ'S  (Frequently Asked Questions)

SPORTSPAL Canoes by Meyers are a premier sporting canoe. Formed out of hardened aircraft aluminum and lined with Eathafoam (closed cell polyethylene) they won't sink.  Fully loaded and swamped with water, your SPORTSPAL will continue to float upright. Swimmers or hunting dogs can climb in from the water using proper safety techniques. Four color options, including two camouflage. A wide, flat bottom  coupled with the side eathafoam sponsons adds to the stability of the SPORTSPAL. 

Q. What are the special features of a SPORTSPAL for Hunting and Fishing ?

A. The SPORTSPAL was especially designed for hunting and fishing. A duck hunter's dog can climb in and out for retrieving game when canoe is properly balanced. Being very light, it is easy to portage. And, of course, since you virtually cannot sink a SPORTSPAL, all that valuable gear that sportsmen carry have less chance of accidental loss. Also, the canoe design gives you much more room than many duck boats. The SPORTSPAL is designed to give year round use, adaptable to many sports activities.

Q. Is the Sportspal really that stable?

A. Yes, it is one of the most stable canoes that you can buy.  Of course it must also be used properly to achieve maximum stability.  For instance - overloading one end of the canoe will make it unbalanced and affect stability.  It is best to distribute the weight uniformly.  For example, best stability is achieved by having the sponsons evenly level with the water from front to back - this may require putting some gear forward if you are in the boat alone or with a lighter front passenger.  Also, when swimmers or dogs climb into  the Sportspal, it is best for the passenger in the canoe to counterbalance the boat by leaning in the opposite direction.  Many of the testimonials  state that  they stand up in the Sportspal -- this is not recommended for safety reasons and does not mean that you cannot fall out of the boat.  Remember no boat is totally unsinkable or untippable - Remember the Titanic.  Using common sense and good boating practice will add to the Sportspal's integral stability.

Q. What length should I consider?

A. This is a personal choice.  The Sportspal Model S-14 is the most popular.  The longer a Sportspal Model is - the more stable it is.  Also as with any canoe, the longer it is - the easier it will be to paddle.

Q. What camouflage colors are available?

A. Olive Drab (military type flat green) and Birchbark Yellow (contains brown camo marks over light yellow/tan background) are the two favorite camo colors available at no additional charge.  

Q. Can I Use It in Saltwater??

A.  Yes,  People have used aluminum boats in saltwater for decades with no harmful effects -- Visit your local marina to confirm this for yourself --There you will see a multitude of aluminum boats used in salt water environments.  In addition, the Sportspal Canoe has a painted hull which gives additional protection.  See the Testimonial Page where many Sportspal Canoe users give comments about saltwater fishing and hunting.  As with any boat used in salt water, it is always best to rinse with fresh water after usage.

Q. Why is it also a good family canoe ?

A. Easy to paddle with plenty of room for family activities.

Q. What kind of seats should I order with my SPORTSPAL ?

A. Eathafoam seats are standard, this removable seat is a low profile seat with a bottom and back like a stadium seat. At least one eathafoam seat or other  center seat is necessary to allow you to also row your SPORTSPAL. Traditional raised gunwale seats are optional.  Square stern models have a rear gunwale seat and front eathafoam seat as standard. Eathafoam seats stow out of the way in the bulkheads when not in use.  Eathafoam seats provide the maximum stability.

Q. Is paddling the only alternative ?

A. No, you can row or motor your Sportspal by adding paddle locks to convert paddles to oars or by using the add on trolling motor mount for double ended models,  and of course square stern models for gas engines are also available. An Eathafoam or a center seat is necessary for the rowing position.

Q. Why are there two beam measurements?

A. Interior beam is 38", Exterior beam with sponsons is 44"

Q. What is Eathafoam, and what are it's benefits?

A. Eathafoam ( Closed cell polyethylene) is a space age material that will not absorb water. It insulates the hull from cold water, and muffles noise (won't scare fish & wildlife). It provides superior flotation.

Q. I have seen other canoes labeled "SPORTSPAL" from Canada. Is this SPORTSPAL the same as a Radisson?

A. No, but you might say that they are cousins. Many years ago, the Radisson Company sold the SPORTSPAL name, now owned by Meyer's Boat Company for use in the USA. Older SPORTSPAL by Meyers are very close in design to the current Radisson.  However, the current SPORTSPAL by Meyers is what you might call a "tougher American cousin". The differences are:


0.032 Hardened Aircraft Grade
Aluminum hull.  6010-T4  hull is stretched formed and heat treated to a hardness of 6010-T6, (Webster scale)

0.022 Marine Grade 5052 Aluminum hull

Two Piece hull riveted on keel.  Stretch Formed and heat treated. One Piece folded hull with multiple seams covered with sealer.
1/2" Eathafoam liner 3/8" Eathafoam liner
40% Thicker, Larger Sponsons
for superior stability/floatation
Smaller sponsons

Q. What is the difference between the SPORTSPAL by Meyers and the Sportsman by MichiCraft?

A. Only the name, both canoes are identical. The Sportsman is private labeled for MichiCraft by Meyers Boat Co.




Sportspal S-14 Canoe in Red with Dog





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