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Sportspal Canoes


The Sportspal's best references are from the actual users and reviewers,  here are some of them.


As you read these Testimonials - Please keep these important safety usage points in mind:

The Sportspal  is the most stable canoe that you can buy.  Of course it must also be used properly to achieve maximum stability.  For instance - overloading one end of the canoe will make it unbalanced and affect stability.  It is best to distribute the weight uniformly.  For example, best stability is achieved by having the sponsons evenly level with the water from front to back - this may require putting some gear forward if you are in the boat alone or with a lighter front passenger.  Also, when swimmers or  dogs climb into  the Sportspal, it is best for the passenger in the canoe to counterbalance the boat by leaning in the opposite direction.  Many of the testimonials  state that  they stand up in the Sportspal -- this does not mean that you cannot fall out of the boat.  Remember no boat is totally  unsinkable or untippable - Remember the Titanic.  Using common sense and good boating practice will add to the Sportspal's integral stability.



The Sportspal canoe, built in Michigan has been around since the mid-1940's.  It's a wonderful boat to shoot from and work a dog out of.  Available in 12-,14-, and 16-foot aluminum models, this is one of the few canoes that you don't have to be an expert to hunt safely out of.  The boats are made from aircraft-grade aluminum that's stretched, formed and then hardened to make a durable and light watercraft.  A 16-foot boat weighs 69 pounds with a 44-inch outside beam.  The floors are lined in Eathafoam. making the boat unsinkable and quiet.  The side Eathafoam strips on the outside of the canoe keep the boat's final stability intact.  They're almost impossible to tip over.
-  North American Hunter Magazine -  November 2001


Everything you say about this canoe about duck hunting is absolutely true.  I have done it all, two people, even two dogs and have never owned anything that has given me greater pleasure.  It's an incredible product and should be promoted heavily in major duck hunting books.  It gives me many important advantages in pursuing waterfowl everywhere I've taken it.  I've fallen out twice, but it's never tipped over and won't sink even if nearly full of water.
- Frank G.


Fellas's, let me tell you, these are some of the nicest canoes I've ever paddled!  Very nice to fish out of, and you don't even feel like you are going to get thrown into the water, like a lot of other canoes......I would recommend these canoes to anyone interested in fishing and hunting, very nice and easy to paddle too.
- Stephen S.


I am ordering my own Sportspal today after having used my friend's Sportspal.  He bought his after this experience:  He was hunting and had just sank his standard style canoe and lost all his  gear and guns.  A fellow hunter paddled by in a Sportspal and told him to get this boat.  This hunter had previously lost all of his guns and gear on two separate occasions in two different canoes.  He had gotten this Sportspal and advised my friend to do the same, telling him that he would never lose his gear again, because of the exceptional stability of the Sportspal Canoe.  So my friend bought a Sportspal and I'm buying one today for that reason.
- Peter L.


I've had my Sportspal for 14 years and the stability is phenomenal.   I have taken  my Sportspal out in two foot waves on the Atlantic coast to go Bluef-ishing, with no problems at all.
- Randy M.


I have used a lot of canoes, but none of them compare to my Sportspal.  I've owned a S-14  model for 19 years, and I have never tipped or even felt like I was going to tip over.  Because of the floatation on the Sportspal, with just myself in the rear, it doesn't rear up in the front like other canoes do....it's just great for one person.
- Richard B.


I use my Sportspal  S-16 for duck hunting and the stability is great.  Plenty of room for two hunters, dog, gear and decoys.  Our 120 lb retriever climbs in and out of the water into the Sportspal with never a problem.
- Terry T.


I've fished for years with my friend in his S-14 Sportspal Canoe.  It is so stable that we both stand up and Fly Fish in trout ponds and the local river.
- Kris V.


I've had my Sportspal for over 25 years.  The great things about it are:   1.  You can't sink it.    2.  You can load more in it that you can carry ( it really carries a lot more weight than the rating).   3.  You can pick it up by yourself to car top it.   Everyone who sees my Sportspal is impressed.
-Ben H.


"I wouldn't take a farm in Texas for my Sportspal"  I have a bass boat also, but with my Sportspal I can go places no one else can, unless they have a Sportspal.  The shallow draft on the boat gets me in normally inaccessible places in creeks and lakes.  The stability is fantastic, I stand up and move around in my Sportspal.  It really surprised me, as I had an outrigger set that I had to use with other canoes, and I kept it just in case I needed it, but I finally sold it because the Sportspal is so stable it doesn't need anything else.
-Roy J.


Thanks for making such a great product.  I fish rivers and use a 5HP Mercury outboard on mine.  The Sportspal is  remarkable, and delightful to use.  I am thoroughly thrilled with my Sportspal.
-Gary H


I fish with my 14 foot Sportspal in the ocean and the waves are no problem.  The Sportspal  just rides the waves.  The Sportspal is so stable, that I and a friend decided to test it one day.  We took it to the beach in our bathing suits in four feet of water.  We tried to tip it.  With two people leaning out, it would not flip - it was incredible.  We tipped it far enough that water came in over the gunwales of the canoe, but it still wouldn't flip over.
-Gary L.


I thought the advertising was a gimmick, but I bought the Sportspal Model S-15 Canoe anyway.  I went duck hunting in the middle of December with a 30 knot wind blowing and my 60 lb Black Labrador Retriever climbed in and out of the Sportspal all day long with no problem at all.  I was really surprised and happy.
-Parker R.


You have one heck of a canoe!  My buddy & I go duck hunting with a dog, shotgun, decoys, waders, and we feel very safe in that Sportspal canoe.  I have a jon boat, and I feel safer in the Sportspal, than in the Jon boat.
-Paul B.


I had my S-16 Sportspal for 15 years, and loved it.  I used it on the ocean and even survived a storm on Lake Erie with it.  I always felt safe and never feared capsizing.  However a tree fell on it and that's the reason I am ordering another Sportspal today.
Miles G


I have a Sportspal S-16.  It is an awesome canoe. I stand up and cast from it.  One time, I lost my balance and fell.  I grabbed the side as I went down to stop my fall.  The canoe never tipped, and I didn't get wet, and no water came in over the side I landed on.
-Bill A.


We love our S-16 Sportspal Canoe.  It is so stable, we feel very safe on the water.  My husband, our granddaughter, our 75 lb Golden Retriever , our  75 lb Labrador and all our fishing gear go in the boat together.
-Cheryl G.


I bought a Sportspal, that you people shipped to me, here in Naples Florida.  I have had this canoe out onto the gulf of Mexico, many deep mangrove rivers, and many gator infested, with splendid results, I even tried to tip it over. Outstanding design !!  But. got to tell you brudda..I deserve a taste of the pie, for the multitude of people, drive me nuts! whenever they see this canoe!!,   I am very pleased with this canoe.
-Michael C.


I have had my 12' Sportspal for over 30 years.  It is an amazing boat.  We originally got the Sportspal because we live on a large lake and didn't want to worry about the our children while they were on the water.  It is a great canoe and I plan to get many more years of use from it.
-Bob V.


I bought a 16 ft Sportspal canoe 3 years ago and my wife and I absolutely love it. We have a 60 pound chocolate lab and another 60 pound dog that ride with us and it has not even come close to tipping over. My dogs can jump out the boat and I have no fear of it flipping. This is a great boat to have.
-Dave R.


Got my new Sportspal  S-13 canoe last Monday. Shipper did a great job! Card board box was not damaged in any way! Got out on water on Saturday and canoe performed great! Mounted a Honda 2-horsepower four stroke motor on back square stern and moved that canoe around really well! Thanks again for a great product! 
-Allen H.


I have a Sportspal S-14, which actually fell off my pickup truck at 70 MPH.  Fortunately we were able to bang the dents out and it still works fine.  We don't want to replace it, even though it has dents, because it is so safe on the water.
-Matt H.


I bought a Sportspal 16 square stern in 2000 mounted 2.5 Nissan outboard and fished Montana, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado and California all standing with a fly pole with no problem. Also my wife and our 130# Great Dane and 56# border collie ride with no problem. The boat is great and upgraded to a 3.5  four stroke Nissan.
-P. D.

I use my Sportspal for fishing with my dog.  My dog is afraid of alligators, and the Sportspal gives us the stability that we need.  If you're afraid of tipping, and of alligators, this is the boat for you.
-Kelly J.


I use my Sportspal S-15 for fly fishing in very shallow waters.  I'm fishing for bass in the lily pads, and I walk back and forth in the boat.  This boat is so durable it should last me a lifetime.
-Joseph P.


I have owned my 14 foot Sportspal for over 30 years.  In using it for Duck Hunting and Fishing, I have never had to worry about it tipping.  It is very stable, and I'm very happy with it.
--Charles L.

I have the Sportspal S-12 with the eathafoam seats and I use it for duck hunting.  I tried to turn it over, but I couldn't.  My 70 lb Black Labrador Retriever climbs in and out of the water with no problem.  It's small enough to get in areas where other boats cannot.  I love it--it is so stable!!
-Drew N.


I have a Sportspal S-16, which we use on fast moving rivers.  One time, we hit a fast spot and everyone else around us in other canoes tipped over.   We stayed upright and dry in our Sportspal.  It's the only canoe that I would have.  I trust my grandkids alone in it--It is so stable.
-Leonard B..


I am a very satisfied customer.  I just went out in my Sportspal X-13 Canoe, and I have never been in a canoe that was so stable.
--David M.

My husband and I purchased one of your canoes in 2001 , a S13 Sportspal;....It definitely is the finest canoe we’ve ever owned or used – you are correct, IT WILL NOT SINK and I have a fear of water! 
-Sharon M.

In ten years of use, we have never tipped over our Sportspals.  We have 4 Sportspals and use them to manage our Wildlife Properties.  We just love them and use them for everything from stocking to recreation.
-Bill S.

My 1971  14 foot Sportspal has served me well.  It is so stable, we shoot right from the canoe when duck hunting.
-Glenn N.

This is simply the best open water canoe you can get.  I have owned four of these Sportspals.   I have used them under conditions that most people would not want to try.  They are stable and provide a great platform for water fowl hunting.  A full Broadside will not roll this boat.  Great for shallow water due to it's wide flat bottom.
-Al O.

I bought my first Sportspal in 1972.   I have also built 3 different duck boats and sneak boats.  They just don't compare to the Sportspal.  After 35 years of use, I gave my Sportspal S-12 to a relative who is still using it and that's why I'm ordering a new one for myself.  They are quiet and roomy.  I would recommend the Sportspal Canoe to anyone.
-Richard A.

I purchased the 13 foot square stern model this past spring. I purchased it for one particular reason. To Smallmouth Bass fish several of my favorite rivers here in Ohio and PA. I did a lot of research .... comfort and stability were two very major features I had to look for. My Sportspal is absolutely awesome. It is so stable that it is more like a boat than a canoe.    This canoe also paddles pretty good for being a square stern. What a great purchase. One that puts a smile on my face every time I get in it. Oh-ya, one day my 11 year old daughter went to cast from the front of the canoe and somehow grabbed all of my rods and chunked them into the river as we were entering a rapid. At 300 dollars a combo, I automatically leaned to grab the 4 rods before they sank. I leaned so far over that water came into the canoe and at no time did I feel that we were going overboard. Try doing that with a rental canoe. Thank you!
-Butch L.



Two of my friends (both 40 year seasoned veterans) nearly drowned by overturning an aluminum Grumman in northern Canada while fishing at ice out in May. It was a very scary experience for all of us! I then purchased my first Sportspal and now own four of them - all 14' double enders. (My Grumman is in the barn and has not seen the light of day for 25 years). All four are fitted with bench seats and yokes for portaging. I take 8 guys fishing every spring and feel very safe using these great canoes. We have never had one overturn.

They are terrific for portaging through the bush and work extremely well with Honda 2hp engines for trolling. When we go out in the morning the lake may be like a mirror but, if a storm blows up while we are out, we feel very safe. We have found ourselves 10 miles out in 2-3 foot waves and had no problems getting back. You cannot beat these canoes! Why would anyone own anything else?

-Jim F.



The first time that I hunted out of a Sportspal Canoe, I was very skeptical about the stability claims.  Three of us loaded our gear and decoys into a 12' Sportspal and paddled over to an island to duck hunt.  Was I ever surprised -- the boat was incredibly stable and safe.  This is why I plan to get my own Sportspal.
-Kevin C.



My Sportspal X-13 Canoe is just wonderful.  It's like part of the family--We take it everywhere for fishing.  We do love our Sportspal Canoe.  It fits great in the back of our pickup for transport.
-Judy H.



My Sportspal X-13  Canoe is a wonderful boat.  I can go to lakes where there is limited access because it is so light.  It is everything as advertised. 
-Wayne T.


This boat is unbelievable.  We use the Sportspal S-13 Canoe for duck hunting.  The dogs climb in and out with no problem.  It is as stable as a Jon Boat.   My friend is disabled  and he feels extremely safe in the Sportspal Canoe.
-Charles B.



I have a 15 ft square stern... Sportspal, ......My canoe  was made in Tecumseh, Michigan. (My son now uses it.) They used to be located in Johnstown, PA, .... As far as we are concerned - it is the best canoe on the market,  bar none. ...... It is truly the untippable canoe - I even fly fish from mine (standing). Just had to pass on these comments. 
-Carl P.



I have had my Sportspal S-13 for two years--It is fantastic.!  I Bass fish, and have it set up with 6 to 7 rods and tackle, with plenty of room.  I used to have a regular Bass Boat, but the Sportspal is so light and easy to launch - I have more time for action, plus I can go where other boats cannot.  I have had many Bass Boat owners admire my Sportspal setup and tell me that they have to get one of theses.
-Greg B.


I have owned  my Sportspal S-14 since 2006.  I just love it.  A lot of  the waters here in South Texas are alligator infested.  I am happy to know that I won't tip in my Sportspal. I transport it on your SUT-200-S Canoe Trailer, which is just great.  People stop me all the time to find out where I got the Sportspal and the Trailer.
Roland C.




Sportspal S-14 Canoe in Red with Dog



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