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Sunchaser II Sailboat
Top Value In The  Small Sailboat Class


Snark Sailboats
World's Largest Sailboat Manufacturer




Snark Sunchaser Two Sailboat

The Snark Sunchaser Two Sailboat has Plenty of Room for 4 Adults -  up to 900 lbs



Sunchaser Two Sailboat  is  4871.00 + S&H 

Scroll Down the Page  for Details & Option's Pricing



Sloop Rig Snark Sunchaser 2 Sailboat   

Snark Sunchaser Two  Sailboat inside
Snark Sunchaser II Sailboat

The Snark Sunchaser II Sailboat is considered a  "Dry Sailer".  Offering a cockpit with bench seating for up to four adults, it also has two forward storage compartments.  The 100 sf total  sloop sail rig is sleeved on the two piece step mast.  You can also row or motor the Sunchaser II 


The Best Value in a Small Sailboat, with the Features of  many Larger Sailboats.


The Snark Sunchaser II Sailboat comes complete with  Dacron  main and jib sail, daggerboard, kick-up rudder and tiller, riggings and fittings.  Mast and boom are aluminum.  Wooden parts are marine varnished.  The open cockpit design has bench seating for up to 4 adults.  2 forward  built-in insulated compartments provide generous storage under the two hatch covers.  Each compartment is about 3 cubic feet, providing a total of 6 cubic feet of dry storage.   Oarlocks are standard. 



Snark Sailboats are earth friendly,
being made from recycled and recyclable plastics.




Snark Sunchaser Two Sailboat outline Sunchaser Two Sailboat
20 SF JIB      
12'-0' 4'-8" 125 LB 14" UP = 10"
900 LBS

Sunchaser II  $ 4871.00  + Shipping & Handling


Popular Options

BR-2 Oars, aluminum/plastic (set)  119.95
LV-3 Class III Deluxe Life Vest




The Sunchaser I and the Sunchaser II share the same hull.  Sail rigs are interchangeable.

Snark Sunchaser Hull
Snark  Sunchaser Hull  - Side View
The open cockpit is 70" long by 47" Wide
The Hull is 24" High at the deepest point and the Transom is 15" High

Snark Sunchaser Hull
Snark Sunchaser Hull - Top View
The foot well area is 49" Long by 27" Wide 
Depth from top of gunwale to foot well floor is 21" forward and 11" at the rear

Snark Sunchaser Hull

Snark Sunchaser Hull - Angle View
The seating ledges are 10" Deep on the sides, 15" Deep on the forward seat
The rear transom ledge is 6" deep

Snark Sunchaser Hull

Snark Sunchaser Hull - Hatch Detail
  2 forward  built-in insulated compartments provide generous storage under the two hatch covers.  Each compartment is about 3 cubic feet, providing a total of 6 cubic feet of dry storage.



Performance Note

Although the Sunchaser Two  is a recreational style sailboat. some can find this boat a challenge to quickly rig.  This boat has a sloop sail rig.  While some find this style of rig  exhilarating, others find that it takes longer than they expected  to rig the sails each time they go out.  This boat has a two piece 20' tall mast  and the mainsail must be sleeved onto that mast and then stepped into the mast sleeve before using.  Expect to spend about 30 minutes to rig this boat each time.  For those sailors who want a shorter  rigging  time,  the Sunchaser One rigs in about 5 minutes, which might be  a better choice for them.   CLICK HERE to see the Sunchaser I 




Snark is the world's largest Sailboat Manufacturer. Almost one half million Snarks have been built. More people have learned to sail on a Snark, than any other recreational sailboat. All Snark models are car-toppable. Snark's are unsinkable, the internal hull being completely filled with EPS foam leaving no voids. The external hull and deck are formed out of rugged ABS polymer, which is vacuum formed over the core to give an extremely durable hull.



Click Here for Parts for Sunchaser II




See Action Videos

Snark Sailboat  Owners love to post Videos.  See the Latest Action Videos

Click Below




Sunchaser  on the Water Video       



Sunchaser Sailboat Voyage  Video
(This shows an earlier version of the Sunchaser Sailboat in this video)



Super Snark Sailboat Car-Topped


Snark Sunflower Sailboat on a Trailex SUT-200-S Trailer

Snark Sailboats are Easily Car Topped
(Super Snark Shown)
  The SUT-250-S Trailer is Available
(Snark Sunflower Shown)





Class III Life Vest


Optional class III Life Vest   Optional  Oar set





Snark Sailing Manuals and Rigging Instructions
Snark Owners Manuals And Rigging Instructions
Snark Sailboat Brochure
Snark Sailboat





Sail and hull colors may vary from those depicted in photographs.  All equipment, specifications and materials may change without prior notice. 

Boat Trailer
for Sunchaser II

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