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Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL

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Trailers For Inflatable Boats
For  Zodiac, Mercury Quicksilver, Sea Eagle, Saturn, AB, Avon, Achilles, AMI Advanced Marine,  Caribe, Maxxon, Novurania, FSI  and Similar Inflatable Boats and RIB 

Also for Certain Small Catamarans, Such as
 Hobie 12 , Hobie Bravo. Seacycle and Waterbike



Trailex Logo

Trailex Ultra-Light Aluminum Trailers come with  a One Year Limited Warranty.  Almost 50% lighter than steel trailers and they Never Rust

Trailex Trailer for Small Inflatables
Up to 450 lbs and up to 14'-0" Long


*within the 48 USA



Model SUT-450-I Trailer

Trailex SUT-450-I Trailer with a Sea Eagle 10.6 Inflatable boat plus a Honda 9,9 Outboard

Trailex SUT-450-I Trailer with a Sea Eagle 10.6 Inflatable boat and a Honda Outboard



SUT-450-I Trailer  is 2,699.00 + FREE Shipping (48 USA)

Scroll Down the Page  for Details & Option's Pricing




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 Designed for Police, Fire, Rescue  Squad and Personal Use
Special Features  for Tube, Floor and Motor Support




Trailex SUT-450- I Trailer for Inflatable Boat

Trailex Model SUT-450-I Ships via UPS



The Trailex Model SUT-450-I Trailer is Favored by Many Fire Departments, Water Rescue Units and Emergency Services for Transporting their Inflatable Rescue Boats




Rear View of SUT-450-I  - Motor  Support can be adjusted  to be  under  the Outboard



Why Choose the Trailex Trailex for Inflatable Boats?

These Unique Features:

  • Completely Adjustable
  • Large Front Padded Bow Support
  • Each Tube is Fully Supported on Both Sides
  • The Outboard Engine is Fully Supported on the Transom.
  • Lightweight Aluminum - Can be Towed  with today's smaller vehicles


All Aluminum, All Bolted Construction, All Adjustable


 For  Trailex Model SUT-450-I Trailer IS 75 LBS.

UT-450-I Trailer has a manufacturers weight limitation of 75 lbs for an outboard motor. If you exceed that weight it can cause your trailer to "Sway" while being towed, which is dangerous. If you have a larger motor, it would be best to carry it separately from the trailer.

OR --See the UT-850-M Trailer  that  can carry larger outboards  CLICK HERE)


Trailex series of trailers for inflatable boats have epoxy coated leaf springs and hot dipped galvanized axles.  The SUT-450-I Trailer Ships via UPS.  Since Trailex Trailers are   made of aluminum, they are maintenance-free in addition to being strong and lightweight.  Trailex's  light weight allows towing with today's smaller vehicles.



     Standard Equipment

Maximum :

450 lbs
200 lbs
16" High
Flat 4 prong
Outboard Weight
 cannot exceed
75 Lbs

  • Submersible Taillights

  • Safety Chain

  • 72" Padded Bunks 

  • Adjustable Bow Stop

  • High Impact Plastic Fenders

  • High Speed Demountable Galvanized Wheels & Tires

  • Adjustable Undercarriage

  • Epoxy Coated Springs



Trailex Winch Detail

Trailex trailer with Winch and Jack

     Winch is Available as an Option

Optional Front Parking Jack shown





Trailex trailer for zodiac style inflatable boat

Trailex SUT-450-I Trailer for Inflatable Boat with Optional Jack and Winch




Trailex Trailer for Inflatable Boat
This Photo shows the Bunk Support Detail on the Trailex SUT-450-I Inflatable Boat Trailer.  The Inflatable Boat's side tubes are fully supported by the bunks.  These bunks are fully adjustable and allow spacing between the bunks for Inflatable Boat's that have inflatable tube keels.  The Rear Center Transom Bunk provides Maximum Support for  the boat's outboard Motor


Application Information

Models are available for  Numerous Inflatable Boats
Model SUT-450-I will fit the following Models
(SUT-450-I ships via UPS)




AB Mares 3.50 I 11'-0" x  5'-4"
Achilles SGX-122 12'-2" x  5'-4"
AMI RKS-380 12'-6" x  5'-7"
Avon Rover R340 11'-2" x  5'-3"
Caribe C-12 11'-6" x  5'-7"
FSI F-YRR 385 12'-6" x  5'-7"
Maxxon CS-390 12'-9" x  5'-6"
Mercury Quicksilver 340 11'-2" x  5'-0"
Mercury Quicksilver 380 12'-6" x  5-'8"
Saturn SD385 12'-6" x  5'-7"
Sea Eagle FoldCat  375fc 12'-4" x  4'-6"
Sea Eagle 285 9'-0" x  4' -0"
Sea Eagle SE-12.6 12'-6" x  5'-7"
Zodiac  ERB 310 10'-6" x  5'-3"
Zodiac G 380 Fire Brigade 12'-6" x  6'0"
Zodiac MK1 Touring 11'-6" x  5'-3"
Zodiac MK2C Touring 12-6"  x  5'-9"
Zodiac MK1 Futura  11'-6'  x  5'-4"
Zodiac MK2C Futura 12'-6" x  6'-0"
Zodiac MK1 Futura Fastroller 11'-6'  x  5'-4"
Zodiac MK2C Futura Fastroller 12'-6" x  5'-10"


How to Measure Your Boat

A  Maximum  of 64" Tube Center to Center
B  Maximum  of 10'-6" Distance from Bow Tip to Transom Support
Adding Tongue Extension EXT-BB allows Dimension "B" to be:
B  Maximum  of 13'-6" Distance from Bow Tip to Transom Support
SUT-450-I will adjust to fit most smaller models of the above listed boats,
and boats up to a maximum 64" from center of one tube to another.  Example:  boat is 72" wide total with 18" diameter tubes - subtract the width of one tube to determine centerline = 54" which is within  the 64" maximum centerline allowed.
Size Limit on Inflatable Boats -  In order to support the Transom, the boat should be no more than 10'-6"  ( 13'-6"  with Extension EXT-BB)  from the Bow Tip of the boat to the Rear Transom.  Dimension "B"

It is best to physically measure  the boat, however you can compute it approximately by:
EXAMPLE :  Boat is 12' Overall length - the inside distance from the inside front to the transom is listed as 8'-0" - Add the Tube Diameter 18" =  9'-6".  The Rear Transom Bunk  will then position under the transom for support. 

 Maximum Outboard Motor  Weight Limit is 75 lbs
Maximum Total Weight Limit of Boat, Motor & Gear is 450 lb.

See Model UT-850-M for Boats requiring Capacity up to 850 lbs.
Model UT-850-M is Heavy Duty and  has Larger, Wider Bunks.



-Small Catamarans -
 Such as the Seacycle, Waterbike, Hobie 12 and the Hobie Bravo will also fit on the SUT-450-I  Trailer


Model SUT-450-I will Also fit the following  Larger Models
With the Addition of Option EXT-BB Tongue Extension
(SUT-450-I ships via UPS)


Option  EXT-BB  increases the length of the trailer to 15'-5"
The Maximum Capacity Including Motor Remains at 450 lbs
 Maximum Outboard Motor  Weight is 75 lbs






Achilles SG-140 * 14'-0" x 5'-9"
AMI RKS-420 * 13'-9" x 6'-2"
Avon A400 * 13'-3" x 6'-3"
FSI North America FYRR-430 * See Note # 14' 0" x 6' 3"
Maxxon CS-420 * 13'-9" x 6'-0"
Mercury Quicksilver 430 * See Note # 14'-1" x 6'-2"
Saturn SD-430 * 14'-0" x 6'-5"
Sea Eagle SE-14SR * 14'-0" x 6'-2"
Sea Eagle FoldCat 440fc * 14'-3" x 5'-11"
Zodiac ERB 380 * 12'-9" x 5'-6"
Zodiac ERB 400 * See Note # 13'-5" x 6'-3"
Zodiac ERB-400 * See Note # 13'-2" x 6'-3"
Zodiac FC420 * See Note # 13'-9" x 5'-9"
Zodiac MK2 Touring * See Note # 13'-9" x 5'-9"
Zodiac MK2 Futura  * See Note # 13'-9" x 6'-0"
Zodiac MK2 Futura Sport * See Note # 13'-9" x 6'-0"
Zodiac MK2 Futura Fastroller * See Note # 13'-9" x 6'-0"
Zodiac MK2 Grand Raid * See Note # 13'-9" x 5'-9"
  *Must order Option EXT-BB  

Note #  Best Fit for these Models is the UT-850-M  CLICK HERE



View All Trailer Prices 




         Optional Extra Equipment

SPGAL Spare Tire Galvanized   69.00
STC Spare Tire Carrier   59.00
WNC Winch with Strap & Hook 159.00
TCBS-6 Twin Center Bunk Supports ** 295.00
EXT-BB Tongue Extension to 15'-5" *** 299.00


Optional Twin Center Bunks
    ** Option TCBS is used when you want extra center support because the boat would be transported  with gear loaded, or you have a RIB (rigid inflatable boat)  and you would like additional  center hull support - The Four supplied bunks will adjust to give proper hull support for a RIB and it is not required that you add the center bunks for a RIB, but some users may wish to add them. All Trailers have rear transom supports.  Shown with Transom Support Removed - Transom Support can be left installed with the Twin Center Bunks.


*** EXT-BB Tongue Extension to 15'-5" is a longer section of tongue that replaces one of the pre-packed tongue sections in the SUT-450-I package.  So you will have an extra tongue section left over, which is not returnable for credit.  However, if you ever wish to shorten the trailer, it can be easily adapted with this extra remaining piece.





  Bearing Protection System
  Included on Every Trailer

Sure Lube low pressure bearing lubrication system.  Protects bearings and prevents any seal damage. 
Easy to use. A Zerk Fitting is located under the axle's end cap. Removing the end cap allows you to use a
small grease gun to lubricate the bearings. 
The new grease pushes the old grease out. 



Optionally, this trailers may be delivered to your location fully assembled, depending on your area.  Please contact us for shipping quotes.


Contact Us for Specific Model Information

Click Here for Frequently Asked Questions








Trailex T-bolt

Trailex T-Bolt with nut

  • Patented T-Bolt Construction

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Heads of bolts slide to any position.

  • Requires only one wrench to tighten

  • Lock nuts on all bolts 

  • Strong & lightweight

Trailex Extrusion & T-Bolt




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 Castlecraft is a BBB Accredited Boat Dealer in Braidwood, IL