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-Trailex Trailers
FAQ'S  (Frequently Asked Questions)


Models available so lightweight they can be shipped UPS. Easily towed with today's smaller vehicles.  Trailex Aluminum Boat Trailers are easily assembled with only   simple tools.   All trailers come with submersible dual stop, turn, and taillights, safety chain, padded bunks, adjustable undercarriages, high speed wheels and tires.

Trailex Logo
  • Rated for Highway Speed and Travel

  • Meet Federal Highway Lighting regulations

  •  One Year Limited Warranty.

  • Almost 50% lighter than steel trailers

  • and they Never Rust


General FAQ's

Canoe & Kayak FAQ's

Laser Sailboat FAQ's

Shipping FAQ's


Q. Why should I buy aluminum,  when steel trailers cost less ?

A. Trailex aluminum trailers offer a number of advantages over steel trailers:

1. Maintenance Free, never rusts or needs painting.

2. Nearly 50% lighter weight allows the use of smaller tow vehicles.

3. Single models such as the SUT-220 at 95 lbs can be also used as a beach launching dolly.

4. Shipping costs are much lower, in fact several models can be shipped via UPS.

5. Environmentally friendly, aluminum is recyclable.

Q. Do I need a winch on my trailer ?

A. Winch's are available as options, but if you have a light boat, they really aren't necessary. A winch can be easily added later if you decide you need one.

Q. What options are available?

A. Some popular options are:

1. Spare tire
2. Spare tire carrier
3. Winch assembly - for heavier boats
4. Mast carrier sets for Sunfish or Laser
5. Mast carrier with 4 rubber feet for front or rear of boats with flat decks
6. Swivel Bow support for UT-250L Laser only, allows singlehanded side loading/unloading by providing a pivot point for bow.

Q.  Do I have to register these trailers with my State?

A.  Every State's regulations are different.  Some require registration, some don't.  Check with your local State Offices.  All Trailex Trailers meet Federal Highway Standards.  You will supplied a Manufacturers Statement of Origin (MSO) with your trailer.  The MSO allows you to register your trailer with State Authorities if required.

Q. Why are trailers such as the SUT-220-S designed so that canoes or kayaks overhang the end ?

A. Canoes and Kayaks have a tapered body, with the ends typically much narrower than the middle. The supports or bunks ( which are adjustable ) are designed to support the main body of the boat. The SUT-220 was designed for up to 18 foot canoes or kayaks.  Trailers are Available for Longer Boats.

Q. What are the advantages of hauling a canoe keel down/gunwales up such as on the SUT-220-S ?

A.     One - you can carry your gear pre-packed in the canoe.

         Two - no lifting required to launch or retrieve your canoe.

If you really prefer carrying your canoe upside down, then Model SUT-250-M will carry one to two canoes upside down

Q. What about "road bounce" for single canoes or kayak's ?

A. The Trailex model SUT-220-S is designed with a unique tuned suspension especially constructed for proper trailering with a light load.

Q. I want to carry two canoes or kayaks - how?

A.   SUT-250-M carries 2 canoes upside down or up to 4 Kayaks side by side.

Q.  How does the SUT-250L for the Laser Sailboat compare to other trailers?

A.  You can either trailer a Laser Sailboat  upside down on a standard trailer, such as the SUT-220 or SUT-250-S, or trailer it upright on a model such as the SUT-250L, which supports it at three points on the gunwales.  The Laser sailboat should be trailered in either of these methods to protect the performance of the hull.  Hanging the Laser Sailboat from the gunwales does not harm the hull-deck bonding as the Laser Manufacturers have designed the Laser to be trailered this way, and after many years of use of these type of trailers, no evidence of hull-deck separation has been found.  

Q.  What benefits does the SUT-250L have over other Laser trailers?

A.    The Trailex Model SUT-250L unique features are:

     1.    Very stable due to it's wide design -75"
        2.    Strong and stiffened extruded aluminum cross members 
        3.    Superb Suspension Design
        4.    Tows well with or without a load
        5.    Excellent tracking and handling at highway speed
        6.    Light enough to be used as a launching dolly -  only 120 lbs.
        7.    Maintenance Free - it never rusts or needs painting
        8.    Structural Integrity - Aluminum is nearly half the weight of steel for the same strength.  If you compare some steel trailers that weigh less than the Trailex SUT-250L - What are they leaving
out to achieve a lower weight ?  Lots of metal which can affect their structural strength and integrity.

Q.  What are the SUT-250L Model Differences?

A.    1.    SUT-250L will fit the standard Laser or Byte Sailboat

        2.    SUT-250L-B will fit either a Byte or standard Laser Sailboat

        3.    SUT-250LII Fits the Laser II Sailboat

Model SUT-250LII can also carry the standard Laser with the addition of a bow mount kit.  Contact us for details.  The SUT-250LII has greater clearance to allow for the freeboard of the Laser II.  The SUT-250L for the standard Laser cannot be adapted to carry a Laser II.

Q.  How do you ship these trailers?

A.    Two methods are used.  See individual Trailer page for type of shipment.

        1.    Many of our trailers are shipped via UPS.

Trailex Trailer Packaged for UPS Shipment

Typical Trailex Trailer Packaged for UPS Shipment


        2.    Larger trailers are shipped common carrier

Trailex Trailer for common carrier shipment

These trailers can be shipped via common carrier i.e. motor freight.  The frames are assembled and then wrapped.  Running gear, superstructure, and lighting are boxed.


Q.  How easily are they assembled?

A.    Trailers come with full instructions and photo diagrams.  Only simple tools are needed.

Trailex T-bolt

Trailex T-Bolt with nut

  • Patented T-Bolt Construction

  • Fully Adjustable

  • Heads of bolts slide to any position.

  • Requires only one wrench to tighten

  • Lock nuts on all bolts 

  • Strong & lightweight

Trailex Extrusion & T-Bolt




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