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Meyers Boats
FAQ'S  (Frequently Asked Questions)

Meyers, in business since 1937, produces an extremely durable and attractive line of fishing boats. Using their experience in manufacturing aircraft, Meyers has designed their fleet for rough service. Meyers boat hulls are stretch-formed over a die to shape the hull halves. These halves are then welded together, forming virtually one piece of metal between you and the water. Oarlocks, drain plug, and bow castings are standard. They feature extruded chines, gunwales, splash rails and keels

Q. What are the model differences?

A.   Laker series are easily car topped. 0.050 hull, Great for quick fishing trips, or use as a dinghy for larger boats.

Pro Series designed for trailering, also have a deep flared bow to keep water spray off you. 0.055 hull on Pro 14.

Super Pro series, have the characteristic Pro flared bow, greater depth and beam, hull 0.063 thickness, 0.071 on Super Pro 16.

Fisherman are classic Jon boats, with a wide 56" beam - Olive drab paint 0.050 hull.

Explorer series are light, narrow Jon boats with a 46" beam - Olive drab paint 0.040 hull

Q. What is the difference between a Super Pro 14 and Super Pro 14 II ?

A.  Super Pro 14 II has a 15" transom for short shaft motors. 

Q. What are the exterior hull finishes on the Semi-Vee boats?

A.  Laker, Pro and Super Pro series are unpainted finished aluminum.

Q. Is the inside hull specially treated?

A.  All boats are coated inside with a non-skid paint.

Q.  Are there any rivets in the hulls?

A.  The seats, chines, gunwales and support ribs are riveted in, not welded.  The reason for this is to maintain hull strength and integrity.  It would be easier and cheaper just to tack weld these parts in,  but welding on a non-seam portion of the hull (after having been heat treated to add strength to the aluminum) could cause that portion of the hull to lose hardness, resulting in a soft spot.

Q.  What is the construction like?

A.  All hulls are 5052 Marine Grade Aluminum, stretch formed for extra strength.  Hulls have extruded chines and keel covers for extra protection.  This feature prevents thin spots wearing thru the hull, as on some other boats, which merely press the chines into the bottom of their hulls.  The chines and keel covers take the abuse of being dragged up on shore instead of the hull, adding to the life of the boat.


Q.  There are a lot of different manufacturers out there.  How do I compare these to Meyers Boats?

A.   There are many quality manufacturers, but basically many aluminum boats do look alike at first glance, so it can be hard to determine the differences without a little investigation.  First, look closely at the overall construction for quality workmanship.  Then compare the specifications.   Hull thickness?  Width of boat for stability?  Height of boat for maximum freeboard (clear space from gunwale to waterline)?  You may find, that what appears at first glance to be very similar, is actually a smaller or less rugged boat, even though the lengths can be identical.

Q.  What is the warranty on Meyers Semi Vee and Jon Boats?

A.  Meyers Semi Vee and Jon Boats come with a  Limited 20 year manufacturers warranty.




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