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FAQ'S  (Frequently Asked Questions)


The HydroBike, manufactured since 1990, is easy to use and a delightful water vehicle.  It is even easier than riding a bike, no need to worry about tipping - It is Ultra Stable!  Thousands of HydroBikes have been sold, and used by Families, Rental Fleets, and State Parks.

Q - How stable is it? 

A - Very stable, it will not tip over when the rider is standing or sitting on the side-decks. It's also stable in high waves and swells. 

Q - How fast does it go? 

A - Average speed is 4-6 mph, it can go up to 10 mph. 

Q - Is there one for 2 people? 

A - Yes, we have a two person HydroBike. Also, two single bikes can be combined together with the kit EIIkit CastleCraft offers to make a double. 

Q - How much does it weigh? 

A - Explorer I is 125 lbs

      Explorer II is 211 lbs

Q - How much weight can it hold? 

A - 400 lbs Capacity for Explorer I

      600 lbs Capacity for Explorer II

Q - Does it come in different colors? 

A - Color choices for pontoons - yellow or hunter green. Choices for console & deck - electric green, purple or hunter green.. 

Q - What are the floats made of? 

A - Seamless, rotationally molded polyethylene. 

Q - What kind of clothing should I wear, will I get wet? 

A - Any comfortable clothing, maybe a light jacket for cooler days. You will not get wet. 

Q - What are the dimensions? (height, width, length) 

A -  Explorer I is 53" H  x 42"W x 10'-0" L

       Explorer II is 53" H x 97" W x 10'-0" L

Q - How is it transported? 

A - Fully assembled; trailer, roof rack or back of any standard pickup. Disassembled; smaller pickup, van or even a large car trunk. 

Q - Where is the best place to ride it? 

A - On almost any body of water. 

Q - How deep does the water have to be to work? 

A - It only needs a depth of 18 inches. 

Q - What kind of maintenance is required? 

A - The drive train oil will need to be changed once a year, apply chain oil as needed. Saltwater will require "rinsing" of the bike and additional lubrication of chain and pedals. 

Q - Is there a warranty available? 

A - Yes, there is a 1 year warranty on all major parts, and a 30 day warranty on maintenance type parts. (ie: chain, pedals, knobs etc.) 

Q - Is it difficult to get parts or service? 

A - No, the manufacturer offers all parts service.  The Bicycle parts are also obtainable from many     Local Bike Shops

Q - Can children ride them too? 

A - Most children ages 9 and up are able to ride themselves, as long as they are able to reach the pedals. Also available is an optional child's seat for ages 2-5 to ride with an adult. The console is not to be used as a seat. 

Q - How long have HydroBikes been manufactured? 

A - Since 1990. 

Q - Can it be disassembled for storage? 

A - Yes, the floats can be removed with only two hand knobs per float, for easy storage. (no tools needed) 

Q - How does it perform in saltwater vs. freshwater? 

A - Constructed for use in saltwater as well as fresh, although saltwater does require a bit more maintenance. 

Q - Why does it not have more gears, like a 3 speed? 

A - Most water is level. The speed that can be attained, is determined by the shape and length of the floats. Just like a sailboat. Also, you would lose the ability to go in reverse, which I'm sure you'll agree is very beneficial. 




Seitech Launching Dollies are available for the HydroBike Explorer I and II.

CastleCraft also offers a trailer that is designed for the HydroBike.



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